Heart Tea


Heart Tea 30 g

Ingrediens: Crataegus ox. leaves and flowers, Olea europaea leaves, Hypericum perforatum flowers

Regulates blood pressure



Every-day Tea


Every-day Tea 30 g

Ingrediens : Malva sylvestris leaves and flowers, Plantago lanceolata leaves, Althaea officinalis roots


Good – Breath Tea


Good – Breath Tea 30 g

Ingrediens : Verbascum thapsus L. leaves, Inula helenium roots, Plantago lanceolata leaves

For the respiratory tract

Winter Tea


Winter Tea 30 g

Ingrediens : Echinacea purpurea flowers and roots, Inula helenium roots, Thymus vulgaris flowers

For seasonal disease

Spring Tea


Spring Tea 30 g

Ingrediens : Salvia officinalis flowers, Calendula officinalis flowers, Malva sylvestris leaves and flowers

Indicated for female well-being


Water Tea


Water Tea 30 g

Ingrediens: Urtica dioica flowers, Equisetum arvense whole plant, Rosa gallica off. petals


Air Tea


Air Tea 30 g

Ingrediens: Foeniculum vulgare seeds, Satureja officinalis flowers, Melissa officinalis flowers

Against belly swelling


Night Tea


Night Tea 30 g

Ingrediens: Melissa officinalis flowers, Passiflora incarnata flowers

Relaxing, helps to sleep

Wellness Tea


Wellness Tea 30 g

Ingrediens: Arctium lappa roots, Cynara scolimus leaves, Lippia citriodora flowers

Liver Purification

Organic Burdock (Arctium lappa L.)


Food supplement: 50 ml
Organic hydroalcoholic extract from fresh plant of Burdock (Arctium lappa L.) roots.
Purifying function of the organism, skin purification and wellnes. Drainage of body fluids

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